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Bread Crumbs Processing Plant

Breadcrumb is widely used food additive for such as deep fried food, and mainly for frying food surface, such as: fried steak, fish, seafood (such as shrimp), chicken chops, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its feature is crispy soft, tasty, delicious and nutritious.

This processing line takes a new process for bread crumbs production. It is from powder to bread crumbs automatically. No bread produced during the whole process. So no bread crust appeared. The final product is bright white and with good texture.The processing line is from mixing, feeding, extruding, cutting, crushing, drying, sifting to finished products. The final products are of different shapes such as Japanese long needle shape, American granular shape.

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We supply the Plant & Machinery of various capacities such as 100 Kg/Hr, 200 Kg/ Hr 500 Kg /Hr on Turnkey basis as per the client’s requirement.

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