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Microwave Heating Machine

Microwave heating machine is mainly used for meal and fast food heating. Microwave heating machine is widely used in enterprises, schools, fast food companies, exhibitions fast food distribution companies, etc., and some restaurants use industrial microwave ovens for heating. The advantages are high capacity, fast heating, energy saving and high efficiency. In the process of heating the material, there is almost no other loss except the heating of the heated material, and the temperature requirement can be reached in just a few minutes, without destroying the nutrients of the meal, without discoloration, and without changing the flavor. The meals are heated centrally for saving labor. At the same time, the microwave also plays a role in sterilizing the food during the heating process, which meets the requirements of food hygiene indicators.
The microwave heating machine is all made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and adopts PLC control system, which is flexible and convenient to operate and simple to maintain´╝î with high degree of automation. The size of the machine can be targeted and rationally designed according to the customer's capacity requirement.

Industrial Microwave Dryer

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