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Turmeric/ Haldi Processing Plant

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Turmeric Processing Plant. We provide end to end solution for Turmeric / Haldi processing from Raw Turmeric (Root) to Curcumin Extration of various capacities on Turnkey basis to meet the international standards. The Turmeric processing line includes Boiling / Cooking, Drying, Polishing, Grinding and packaging also provide complete solution for Curcumin Extraction from Turmeric by way of Solvent Extraction Method of different capacities as per the client’s requirement.

We supply Turmeric Cooking unit is used to cook the raw turmeric by steam. We supply turmeric cooking units in Two different models like;


The standing or Fixed model cooking equipment will fix it at one place to do the processing.

Mobile / Model Model

The mobile model cooking equipment can possible to take Wherever necessary to do the processing.

We provide turmeric cooking unit of various capacities such as 160 Kg / Hr, 320 Kg / Hr, 640 Kg/Hr to any higher capacity as per the client’s requirement.


Turmeric / Haldi Drying Unit

We supply Turmeric drying unit of various capacities in Batch type drying system and Continuous / Online Drying system as per the clients requirement.


Turmeric / Haldi Polishing Machine

We supply Turmeric polishing machine is used to polish the outer surface of the dried fingers. Our polishing machine is made with dust proof. We can provide various capacities from 50 Kg / Hr to any capacity as per the clients’ requirement.


Turmeric / Haldi Grinding Machine

We supply Turmeric powder machine is used to grind the polished finger into fine powder. We can provide various capacities from 30 kg / hr to any capacity as per the client requirement.


Food Processing Plants

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