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Continuous Type Dryer

Continuous dryers accommodate a continuous, uninterrupted flow of materials throughout their operation. Wet materials are continuously fed and transported across the drying chamber. As the material crosses the chamber, it loses its moisture content. The dried products may be gathered by a buffer tank or directly fed to the succeeding equipment. Continuous dryers are used if a large quantity of products needs to be dried.

Drying application in food types: agricultural and fishery products processing and drying, rice cake microwave drying, drying konjac, grain puff drying, chips drying, corn bar baking, meat drying, tea drying, drying fruit, tea dryer, flower drying, herbs drying, pill drying...etc

Drying application in the chemical industry: plastic drying, textile industry drying, fire-resistant material drying, soil drying and sterilization, fertilizer drying, lithium battery drying, rubber product drying, paper product drying, glass drying, ceramic microwave drying, wood drying, paint drying, cloth drying...etc

According to different amount production capacity, and the space limitation of the customer's factory, the multi-layer dryer can be made into 1 layer, 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers etc., the belt width is generally 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, etc., and the length can also be adjusted. As per the client’s requirement, the multi-layer dryer can use electricity, gas, fuel, steam, etc. as power source to realize the diversification of machine power source.

Drying Technologies

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