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Essential Oil / Steam Distillation Plants

Multipurpose Distillation Plant

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Essential Oil Distillation Plants over many years. We are specialized in providing plant & machinery for Extraction of Essential oils from various plants materials like Herbs, Grasses, Leaves, Barks, Wood, Roots, Spices, Flowers.

We have designed and developed a Multipurpose Distillation plant suitable for extraction of essential oils from grasses, roots, barks, flowers & wood at different conditions of pressure.

The following are the possibilities to make the distillation in this plant.

  • Hydro Distillation

  • Steam Distillation

Hydro- Distillation - After loading the herbs and water in distillation vessel, it has to be heated by steam, circulating in outer jacket so that the water inside the charging vessel will get heated and convert into vapors. This vapors carries out the volatile oils from the Herb. Oil will be collected in the glass separator. The condensed water will be feeded back to the distillation vessel. (This process is called Cohabition System). This process is mainly adopted to recover the oil, where the oil percentage is very very less.

Steam Distillation – Steam distillation is considered the best method for the extraction of essential oils. In this process the Steam injected directly into the material to take out the volatile oils from the material.

We provide distillation plants of various capacities such as 50 Ltrs, 100 Ltrs, 250 Ltrs, 500 Ltrs to any higher capacity as per the client requirement.


  • Ease to Operate the Plant

  • Maximum yield Recovery

  • Less Energy Consumption

  • Best Quality Oil

  • Low Maintenance

  • Excellent Finishing

Essential Oil / Steam Distillation Plants

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