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Cashew Nut Processing Plant

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Cashew Process plants on Turnkey basis. We provide end to end solution for Cashew Processing. We have successfully installed many prestigious projects across the Globe. We provide Fully automatic Cashew processing plant, Semi automatic Cashew processing plant, Cashew Fruit Juice Processing Plant, Cashew Shell Oil (CNSL) Plant, Cashew processing equipment of various capacities on Turnkey basis as per the client’s requirement. The machines are based on process where cashews are first sent for steaming method followed by removal of kernel from the shell. Then, the cashews are run through drying process which is followed by peeling off of testa, grading of kernels and then getting packed. Here, our expertise lies in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of cashew processing machines as per international standards that also deliver high yield in processing of cashews, low cost of maintenance as well as power consumption in the involved processing operations.

Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Plant

We provide fully automatic / Semi automatic cashew processing plants with less manpower utilization. The machinery is fabricated using quality material with latest technology to meet international standards.

We supply the plant and machinery of various capacities for automatic plant from 500 Kg / Hr, 1000 Kg/Hr to any capacity and for semi automatic plants from 100Kg / day, 300 Kg/day, 500 Kg / day to any capacity as per the client’s requirement.


Cashew Processing Equipment

Raw Cashew Grader

We supply raw cashew grader for separation of raw cashew nuts into different grade sizes for getting maximum wholes of nuts in the process. We can supply various capacities from 100 kg / hr to any capacity as per the client requirement.


Cashew Cooking System

Boiler & Cooker

We supply Boiler and Cooker to cook the raw cashew in-shell are steamed to soften the shell, the cashews become loose and easier to remove the cashew kernel. We can supply various capacities from 30 kg / hr to any capacity as per the client’s requirement.


Automatic Raw Cashew Shell Cutting Machine

We supply automatic shell cutting machine to cut the cashew into splits with high efficiency and less manpower to get high whole kernel rate. We can supply shell cutting machines in 4 Blades and 2 blades as per the client requirement.
We can also supply manual shell cutting machines for small entrepreneurs.


Tray Dryer / Oven

We supply Cashew Dryer to dry the kernels at low temperature for easy removing the skin (testa) of Cashew kernels. We can supply various capacity dryers from 6 Trays to 192 trays in both mild steel and stainless steel models as per the client requirement.


Cashew Peeling Machine

We supply automatic cashew peeling machine is used to remove the red skin (testa) of cashew kernels. Our peeling machine is easy to operate, low maintenance and optimum performance. We supply single / double head peeling machines with separators as per the client needs.


Cashew Kernel Grading Machine

We supply Cashew kernel grading machine is used to grade the cashew kernels into different sizes like W180, 210,240, 320 etc..


Cashew Kernel Coating Pan

We supply coating pan to coat the spices, salt, chocolate etc to the Cashew kernels for value addition. We provide various capacities as per the client requirement


Cashew Packing Systems

We supply end to end solution for Cashew kernel packing machines. We provide Vacuum packing machine, Tin Filling Machine, Pouch packing machine as per the client requirement.


Food Processing Plants

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