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Spray drying is method of dehydrating fluids, solutions and thin slurries, it converts the fluids or slurries to powder form. Liquid or slurry material to be dehydrated is sprayed in the form of a fine droplet dispersion into hot airstream. Both air and material either travel in parallel or counter flow. Drying in spray dryer occurs at very fast rate. The feed usually contains a high amount of moisture and must be transportable by a pump.


  • Hygienic construction

  • Low noise generation

  • Impeccably evaporate liquid content making most of hot air

  • Durable operational time between cleaning

  • Minimal dusting at the time of drying operation due to negative pressure

  • Remote nozzle change over with steam

  • GMP standards for the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Applications :

  • Detergents

  • Milk

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Salts

  • Polymer resins

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Flavorings

  • Herbal extracts

  • Food Products

  • Fruit Juice Powders etc.,

We supply spray dryer of various capacities ranging from 5 Ltrs per hour water evaporation to any higher capacity as per the client requirement.

Drying Technologies

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